Project Management

A Problem-Based Approach

by Bennet Lientz


This extremely useful handbook offers a definitive list of issues extracted from a database of project problems. It thus provides a unique resource for project managers looking to address project problems, improve their practice and deliver projects successfully. -Professor Darren Dalcher, Director of the National Centre for Project Management, UK
Project Management – A Problem Based Approach takes a novel view of the subject by drawing on the author's extensive database of recurring project problems. Indeed, if we could only eliminate the majority of project problems by heeding Lientz's Prevention, Detection and Actions recommendations, the reward would be a substantially improved project management success record. -R. Max Wideman, FPMI
Project Management is truly unique in its consideration of over 300 common project problems. The book is well written and features extensive referencing, exercises and genuine insight into real world projects. This book provides a mine of information on how to deal with current and potential problems and is ideal for students and practitioners who want to become effective project leaders. -Edmund Gray, Technical Lead, Irish Government PEPPOL Project