Management and Organization

A Critical Text

by Stephen Linstead, Liz Fulop and Simon Lilley


The Management and Organization book is a must read for anyone doing critical management studies. It is well written with important challenges to status quo modernist managerialist thinking. A great read for serious students of management and organization studies. - David M. Boje, Bank of America Endowed Professor of Management, New Mexico State University, USA.
Fantastic! I’m positively thrilled about a new version of this brilliant book, a major contribution which is sure to delight students and lecturers alike. It represents a real step forward in management and organization studies by breaking with tired oppositional thinking, elegantly blending critical and pragmatic approaches, and covering all key themes in the contemporary discussion. What’s particularly remarkable is how the book manages to show that critical and reflective approaches are not merely intellectual exercises, but powerful tools to develop management practice. Rigorous yet playful, practical yet intellectually and analytically challenging, this book truly is a complete package. - Alf Rehn, Chair of Management and Organization, Åbo Akademi University, Finland and Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.
Management and Organization might well be described as the antidote to the weariness often brought on by the well-trodden paths taken by more mechanistically prescriptive texts in this field. It engages with old themes in a new and imaginative way, introduces a wide range of contemporary perspectives, while all the time involving the student reader through event and narrative case-studies that illustrate a wide range of business situations. The several authors write with both passion and erudition. - Ray Loveridge, Research Fellow, Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK.
The authors provide, in accessible language and style, both a challenging and refreshing insight into the dominant concerns in the field, demonstrating the nexus between theory and practice, and living up to their avowed pledge for a critical theory that is committed to enhancing management practice. The judicious use of the best research base and applied case studies cements this fine theory/praxis mix for engaging academics, students, and sophisticated professionals. - Professor Elizabeth More, AM, Professor in Management, Director MBA, and Executive Director of The Institute of Sustainable Leadership at Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Macquarie University, NSW, Australia.
The authors use a critical perspective to help us see fundamental concepts and issues in fundamentally different ways. - Walter Nord, Distinguished University Professor, University of South Florida, USA.
This is an invaluable text for management students and scholars. It offers a critical engagement with contemporary organizational issues in a comprehensive, accessible and thought-provoking way. I highly recommend it. - Professor Cliff Oswick, Chair in Organization Theory & Discourse School of Business and Management, Queen Mary, University of London, UK.
Management as the management of relationship is the main tenet of this textbook. And indeed the authors exemplify in a simple and straightforward way the meaning of management as a relational practice.- Silvia Gherardi, Research Unit on Cognition and Organizational Learning and Aesthetics, University of Trento, Italy.
For many years there were management text books that were basically sound but lacked a sustained level of analysis, a critical perspective, that ignored gender and had no feel for the symbolic aspects of organisation. This book offers critical analysis, illustrative material and case studies... it does it all and does it well.- Heather Hopfl, Professor of Management, School of Accounting, Finance and Management University of Essex, UK.
An innovative and exciting guide to management and organization studies in the 21st century. It is at once critical and instructive, challenging and learned. Highly recommended.-John Hassard, Universities of Manchester and Cambridge, UK.