Management and Organization

A Critical Text

by Stephen Linstead, Liz Fulop and Simon Lilley

Letter from the Authors

Dear colleague,

We are writing to you to introduce the 2nd edition of our book Management and Organization: A Critical Text. We believe that we offer a unique view of organisation and management and wanted to take the opportunity to tell you why we wrote this book.

In 1992 Liz (Fulop) first used the word critical in the title of a management textbook, 17 years later this has developed to the text we have written today. Long before it became fashionable we developed a relational approach and focussed on reflective practice and self-reflexive practice as the core of developing criticality amongst practicing managers. Bringing together international scholars of the highest regard, our text places a premium on developing critical thinking and analytical capabilities that can be successfully applied to any management situation. We believe that criticality is the key skill needed to practice management well and see it as an active and passionate commitment to improving the abilities of those practicing management to manage better.

We take a very different view of organisation theory and management to the, often mechanically prescriptive, mainstream texts. Each chapter addresses a core topic and reflects the current state of critical scholarly activity in the field, highlighting some enduring theories and approaches, and then pushes the boundaries of management beyond these ideas. Our approach differs most notably when we come to consider knowledge, learning, gender, ethics and networking. These topics are at the heart of real life management situations, and we believe a critical approach offers a more effective outcome. Each chapter begins with a case study which is revisited throughout the chapter. We identify and challenge assumptions, develop an awareness of the context, seek alternative ways of seeing a situation and relate these to real world examples.

We hope you have had a chance to take a look at the text already, if not please let our publishers know that you would like to receive a copy by emailing On the companion website you can find additional case studies and resources, along with an extra chapter on managing in a virtual world.

This popular text has been updated in response to demand and we believe our approach will help meet the increased challenges facing managers and their organizations in the current global crisis and beyond. We hope you find using this text refreshing and rewarding to use, we have found that students really respond to our approach and finish courses better prepared for the challenges ahead.

With regards,

Steve, Liz and Simon