Management and Organization

A Critical Text

by Stephen Linstead, Liz Fulop and Simon Lilley

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: Liz Fulop and Stephen Linstead (with Garance Maréchal)

Part I: Core Concepts

  1. Management knowledge and learning: Liz Fulop, Garance Maréchal and William D. Rifkin
  2. Gender and management: Joanna Brewis and Stephen Linstead
  3. Managing culture: Stephen Linstead
  4. Managing structure: Liz Fulop, Harold Hayward and Simon Lilley
  5. Managing sustainability: Bobby Banerjee and Stephen Linstead
  6. Power and Politics in Organizations: Liz Fulop and Stephen Linstead
  7. Organizational control: Simon Lilley, Edward Wray-Bliss and Stephen Linstead
  8. Managing ethically: Robin Stanley Snell

Part II : Management Processes

  1. Motivation and meaning: Liz Fulop and Stephen Linstead
  2. Leadership and Leading: Liz Fulop and Stephen Linstead
  3. Managing Teams: Stephen Procter, Liz Fulop, Stephen Linstead, Frank Mueller and Graham Sewell
  4. Managing conflict and negotiation: Stephen Linstead2, Jonathan Gosling, Liz Fulop, Anne-marie Greene and David S. Richards
  5. Managing Change: Stephen Linstead and Alison Pullen
  6. Decision making in organizations: Liz Fulop, Stephen Linstead, Simon Lilley and Rodney J. Clarke
  7. Managing strategically: Bobby Banerjee, Michael Browne, Liz Fulop, Simon Lilley and Stephen Linstead
  8. Interorganizational Networking: Liz Fulop