Management and Organization

A Critical Text

by Stephen Linstead, Liz Fulop and Simon Lilley

Lecturer zone

Introduction to the lecturer zone:

In devising materials to complement Management and Organization: a critical text we were mindful to consider the perspective of a lecturer who may or may not have worked with the first edition. In doing so, we felt it important to build on the strengths of the supporting materials that were available for the first edition, and to maintain a sense of continuity. Also though we felt it important to try to incorporate new and additional resources for those who wanted to work with what we feel is not simply an updated, but a considerably improved edition of Management and Organization: a critical text. So, rather than simply make modest revisions or tweaks to the lecturer’s manual, a great deal of time has been put into trying to provide something new and different.

Accordingly, to support this second edition of Management and Organization: a critical text, in addition to making this lecturer’s manual available once more, Palgrave has provided two wholly new, key features:
  1. A set of Case studies written especially for this volume, one for each of the 16 chapters in this edition of the book.
  2. PowerPoint slides supporting each of the 16 chapters, containing each of the key figures in every chapter, as well as a summary of the chapter’s most important points.
Each of these is available to use together with this lecturer’s manual on the companion website to Management and Organization: a critical text. Taken together with the new 2nd edition of the text, these should provide an excellent resource to lecturers using this book to teach students about work and organizations. As those who have used the book before will note, the lecturer manual is largely unchanged. This is consistent with the positive feedback from those who used it to support teaching with the first edition of Management and Organization: a critical text.

As indicated in the introduction to the book, one of the ways in which this edition of Management and Organization: a critical text is different is an extension and up-to-date discussion of key themes in several of the chapters, for instance in chapter 2 on gender – which incorporates recent scholarship and policy, and in chapter 8 with an extended discussion of the rapidly growing area of ethics.

Alongside such changes throughout the text, three new chapters feature in this edition. Since they are not directly covered by the previous edition of the lecturer manual (though lecturers will find potentially relevant material in there too) it is worth spending a little while outlining how we feel the newer version of the text, and the new lecturer materials can support lecturers to teach them.

Chapter 5 has a range of powerful new examples and cases to incorporate a discussion on sustainability. Alongside the resources in the chapter, this is supported by the case study on recycling and ‘Green Gold’ in the lecturer materials (feature 1 above).

Chapters 12 (conflict and negotiation) and 13 (managing change) are also wholly new. Again, to encourage the adoption of the ideas in these new chapters, these new chapters are supported with case studies in the book (the case of pay negotiations at Metalco; and the case of Morgan cars) as well as in the lecturer supporting materials (employee rights and representation; and NHS reform).

We hope you enjoy working with Management and Organization: a critical text and if you have any feedback about the text or these supporting materials, please do contact the Palgrave team.