Career Skills

Opening Doors into the Job Market

by David Littleford, John Halstead and Charles Mulraine
The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital. - Joe Paterno, American football coach (b. 1926)
Through the life cycle of continued education and employment there are watersheds that we as individuals are confronted with that will fashion our future life style. Taking that initial step into the employment market, direct from education, is the first major break point we are confronted with, the transition from 'learning to earning'.

Career Skills is a 'tool kit' - a personal workbook; using a unique step-by-step approach, it simplifies the entire process from the initial 'How do I start?' right through to the first day 'on the job'. It takes a pragmatic, hard-nosed approach to the preparation of individuals as marketable products ready for entry into the World of Work. Insights are given into the recruiters' world - what recruiters look for and how they select; having this understanding helps the candidates prepare more effectively and with confidence reducing fear of the unknown.
This website has been developed as a complementary resource facility:
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