Mastering Modern World History

Fifth edition, Palgrave Master Series

by Norman Lowe

Key features of the book

Key features of the fifth edition:

  • A new chapter on Latin America and its changing relationship with the USA
  • New sections on the Arab Spring, the 2008 financial crash and its aftermath, and the European Union in crisis
  • New material on the changing face of communism in China; USA: Bush to Obama; Russia under Putin and Medvedev; the continuing conflict between Palestinians and Israelis and the continuing ‘war against terrorism’
  • Up-to-date reading lists at the end of each chapter for those wanting to investigate a topic more deeply

Content includes:

  • A survey of international relations and war from 1900 to 2012
  • Europe and its history - the rise and fall of fascism and communism
  • International affairs of the major superpowers - USA, Russia/USSR and China
  • International conflict -The Holocaust, 9/11 and the fall of Saddam Hussein
  • Decolonization and subsequent events in Africa, and the rise of political Islam
  • Global problems - climate change, economic crises, the population ‘explosion’
  • Mention of disagreements and controversies among historians, as well as new interpretations and discoveries