Macmillan Foundations

by Tom Carty (Series Editor)

Discover the joy of language learning with Macmillan Foundations
The Macmillan Foundations series has been specially designed to meet the needs of non-specialist language learners following Institution-wide Language Programmes. Aimed at beginners, post-beginners and intermediate students, the books are structured to fit the typical university teaching year and assume two or three hours of class contact per week.

The new fully-updated editions of this bestselling beginner’s classroom text now come in full-colour with video activities and an interactive ebook with each print copy. Click on the links below to download sample chapters from the new Foundations French 1, 3rd edition and Foundations Spanish 1, 3rd edition:

Please click below to download a summary of the changes in the third edition of Foundations French 1:

Foundations French 1 Changes

Hear from the authors about the new editions of Macmillan Foundations 1

Ilse Wührer on the new edition of Foundations German 1:
Cécile Tschirhart on the new edition of Foundations French 1:
María del Carmen Gil Ortega on the new edition of Foundations Spanish 1: