Macmillan Foundations

by Tom Carty (Series Editor)

Authentische Links

To help you learn more about different aspects of Germany, we have provided a range of interesting web links. Please click below to visit the sites:

Unit 2
Essen und Trinken 1. Mensa-Speisekarte What do German students eat?
Klicken: Darmstadt Mensa

Unit 3
Elektronik-Katalog Find out online the German names for four items you own and add them to the list!
Klicken: Quelle Technik

Unit 4
Essen und Trinken 2. Supermarkt-Websites Browse to discover what Germans like to eat and drink.
Klicken: Rewe (Insert the name of a German town, e.g. Bonn, and choose the Lieferservice.)
Klicken: Lidl

Essen und Trinken 3. Speisekarten Choose a restaurant and use the menu in a role play.
Klicken: Die Rose (Typical German fare)
Klicken: Pizzeria Sole d'Oro (Italian restaurant)

Unit 5
Möbel-Katalog Decide how to furnish your flat, with help online, and describe it to a partner.
Klicken: Quelle Möbel

Unit 6
Kleider-Katalog Add six items of clothing relevant to you. Remember to check their gender.
Klicken: Quelle Mode

Unit 7
Hotel-Info im Internet Look for a hotel in Heidelberg, Bonn or Berlin. Describe your choice to a partner explaining why you chose it.

Unit 9
Ferienjobs in Deutschland Find an interesting summer job in a German speaking country.
Klicken: Gigajob, Sommerjobs für Ausländer