Macmillan Foundations

by Tom Carty (Series Editor)

About the Macmillan Foundations series

The Macmillan Foundations series has been specially designed to meet the needs of non-specialist language learners following Institution-wide Language Programmes (IWLPs). Aimed at beginners, post-beginners and intermediate students, the books are structured to fit the typical university teaching year and assume two or three hours of class contact per week.

Key features of the series
New for the third edition of Macmillan Foundations 1
Books in the series

Key features:

  • 10 units flexibly designed to fit the teaching year
  • Scripted and unscripted dialogues provide a diverse range of audio
  • Integrated pair- and groupwork activities throughout the book
  • Grammar and vocabulary fully supported within each unit as well as in a reference section
  • Comprehensive self-study section for non-contact hours
  • Extension work provides an additional challenge for those students or courses needing it

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New for the third edition of Macmillan Foundations 1:

  • Fully reviewed and updated following extensive lecturer feedback
  • First time in full colour!
  • New photos and illustrations
  • New integrated video clips
  • Code for interactive ebook inside to allow easy access to video, audio and interactive exercises and great searchability
  • Extra online grammar and video exercises
  • New cultural notes

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Foundations Fren​ch 1 (3rd edition)

Dounia Bissar
Helen Phillips
Cécile Tschirhart

Foundations Fren​ch 2

Kate Beeching
Annie Fontaine Lewis

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Foundations German 1 (3rd edition)

Tom Carty
Ilse Wührer

Foundations Italian 1 (3rd edition)

Mara Benetti
Carmela Murtas
Caterina Varchetta
Roberto Di Napoli

Foundations Italian 2

Mara Benetti
Cristina Testi
Caterina Varchetta

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Foundations ​Spanish 1 (3rd edition)

María del Carmen Gil Ortega
Cathy Holden

Foundations Spanish 2

María Eugenia Greco
Gabriel Sánchez-Sánchez

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