Macmillan Foundations

by Tom Carty (Series Editor)

About the ebooks

Please click on the links below to find out more about the interactive ebooks and how to use them:

Quick access instructions (for people familiar with VitalSource or similar systems)
Detailed access instructions: finding your code, browser choice, creating an account, redeeming your ebook, reading your ebook
Common issues


Included free with the print copies of Foundations French 1, Foundations German 1, Foundations Italian 1 and Foundations Spanish 1 is access to an interactive ebook. Replicating the pages of the printed book and offering all the versatility of an ebook that you would expect, such as bookmarking and easy searching, the ebooks also feature a wealth of multimedia content:

  • Integrated video and audio clips
  • Voiced end-of-unit vocabulary lists
  • A selection of interactive exercises
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How to access: quick instructions

The interactive ebook is hosted on VitalSource.

  1. If you do not have a VitalSource account, it's quick and easy to set up. Register here. [If you already have a VitalSource account, just log in and go to step 2 below.]
  2. Next simply click the redeem option and type in the access code that was emailed to you. The interactive ebook will be added to your BookShelf. Please note, the book can only be redeemed via a web browser, and not through the Bookshelf app.
  3. For the best interactive experience we strongly recommend that you access the ebook through the Chrome browser, though it does also work well on Firefox on certain devices. If you have an iPad, the ebook works particularly well on here through Chrome.
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How to access: detailed instructions

Finding your code

  • Follow the instructions on the card inside your book. If you flick through the book, you should be able to find it. Please note: the issuing of access codes is not an automated process so you need only email your request once. We will endeavour to send you your access code within 24 hours of receiving your email, with the exception of weekends.

Browser choice

  • The interactive features work best in the Chrome browser across the greatest number of devices so this is our recommended browser. Click here to download it.
  • The ebook also works in Firefox on certain devices. Click here to download it.
  • While it is possible that the ebook may work in other browsers, we can't guarantee that it will. Please try Chrome and Firefox in the first instance if you have any problems, particularly with the audio and video.

Creating an account

  • Click here to create an account on VitalSource.
  • Under the 'sign in' button, you will find a red, 'Create an account' link.
  • You will need to enter your email address followed by some basic information and a password.
  • Please keep a note of the email address you used and your password as you will need to enter them whenever you access the ebook.
Redeeming your ebook
  • Please note, the book can only be redeemed via a web browser, and not through the Bookshelf app. Once a book has been redeemed in a browser, it will automatically be added to your app.
  • On a computer or large tablet, click 'redeem' in the bottom right of the page, in the menu bar.
  • On a smaller device, e.g. a phone, open the VitalSource menu by clicking the 3 horizontal lines found at the top left of the page. Then click 'redeem.'
  • Enter your ebook code (see above if you're not sure where to find it) and click the 'redeem' button under the box.
  • The book will now be added to your virtual library. This usually appears as your homepage when you log in, but you can also access it by clicking on 'BookShelf' in the menu (for tablet users, remember to click on the horizontal lines to open the menu).
Reading your ebook
  • Click on the book cover to open the ebook.
  • Please note that the ebook follows exactly the same order as the print book, so the first page is actually blank.
  • You can use the arrows at the top and bottom of the page to navigate.
  • On most devices you can also click on the table of contents icon in the menu bar to locate a specific page (the icon has three lines and looks a little bit like a graph).
  • Please note that the ebook is hosted on VitalSource rather than your computer/tablet. To access your ebook, just go to the website and log in to start reading on any device. VitalSource will automatically open the ebook at the last page you were on, even if you have changed computer or tablet.
  • It is possible to download the VitalSource App to read the ebook offline, but please note that not all the interactive features work in offline mode so we recommend accessing the ebook online wherever possible.
  • To download the App for offline access to the text only, open the menu in your tablet and click 'Download App' or expand the menu bar on your computer by clicking the square in the top right and click 'Download.'
  • Please note that the ebook works well on both tablets and computers. I wouldn't recommend using it on a phone, however.
  • For more detailed information about VitalSource, you may find their support pages helpful. Click here to access them.
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Common issues
  • Sometimes the ebook stops working correctly when you update your operating system. This is usually resolved by clearing your browsing history. On Chrome, click on the 3 dots at the top right, then 'history' and 'clear browsing data.' On Firefox, click on 'tools' in the menu bar, then 'clear history.'
  • We may occasionally update the ebook files for various reasons, such as browser updates. In such cases, when you log into VitalSource you will receive a message alerting you to a new version of the ebook. Please download it. The latest version will then appear on your BookShelf and the old version will be removed. You won't need to enter your code.
  • You may also wish to redownload the ebook files to your BookShelf yourself if it stops working correctly. To do this, click on the 3 dots in the corner of the cover image and select ‘Remove device.’ This technically deletes the file, but leaves the cover image with a white arrow. Click on this to redownload the file. You won't need to enter your code.
  • For queries relating to VitalSource, you may find their support pages helpful. Please click here to access them.
For more general questions on the ebook, such as availability and sales, please see our FAQs.

If your question or problem can't be resolved by following the instructions above and it isn't covered in the FAQs, please contact Aléta Bezuidenhout.

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