Being Sociological

Second edition

by Steve Matthewman, Catherine Lane West-Newman and Bruce Curtis

About this book

The second edition of Being Sociological is an entertaining, inspiring and intelligent introduction to the vast subject of sociology. Each chapter looks at the social processes at the heart of core topics – from working and consuming to believing and communicating – and shows the reader how sociology can challenge assumptions about the world and expose alternatives to the normal 'status quo'. Intriguing examples, essential definitions and illuminating explanations of theory are combined to examine the most important issues and ideas that inform sociology. This is the resource that all students need to start their sociological journey with understanding, imagination and confidence.

What's new to the second edition?

  • Bigger and broader range of international examples and case studies
  • More expert academic contributors – now from across seven countries
  • Broader coverage of hot topics – with new chapters on globalization and the environment
  • Clearer structure in every chapter that allows reader to 'connect the dots'
  • Helpful learning features, including discussion points, further reading suggestions and an expanded glossary.