Being Sociological

Second edition

by Steve Matthewman, Catherine Lane West-Newman and Bruce Curtis

About the website

This companion website provides a host of learning and teaching materials for students and lecturers, including bonus chapters, revision questions, a searchable glossary and additional materials on, and useful links to, online teaching resources for lecturers.

Material for Lecturers

Lecturers who adopt this textbook have access to materials on the password-protected 'Lecturer Zone' of the website . This zone offers teaching support via PowerPoint presentations and 'Additional Materials to Suit your Lectures' for those weeks where you decide to cover topics not covered in the book (playing, dying, criminalising and embodying). You can also find more materials to use as class-based tasks throughout the freely accessible 'Student Zone'.

Material for Students

All students can freely access all the material in the 'Student Zone' and the 'About this Book' zone on the website. Useful materials for extra study and revision, include: