Being Sociological

Second edition

by Steve Matthewman, Catherine Lane West-Newman and Bruce Curtis

Lecturer zone

We all understand the challenges of introducing students to Sociology. Challenging preconceived notions of the world and opening eyes to the alternatives and possibilities that the subject offers can be a daunting task - one not always helped by the often-uninspiring textbooks available for teaching at at the introductory level. This book doesn't patronise readers with simple sentences and an array of distracting boxed features, but equips students with undergraduate-level skills that enable them to look afresh at a world they think they know, to see beyond their own experience, and to think critically.
  • Additional Teaching Materials – you'll find teaching resources for more topics that you might want to cover in your teaching here – playing, dying, criminalising and embodying – as well as some exercises to use with your students.
  • PowerPoint slides - one PowerPoint presentation for each chapter provides an overview of key themes and questions that your students should consider, and selected figures and tables from the book.