Personal Investment: financial planning in an uncertain world

by Mariana Mazzucato, Jonquil Lowe, Alan Shipman and Andrew Trigg


The authors unlock the doors to the secrets of what every private investor should know – how to secure a more certain tomorrow by embracing the risks and perils of a less-than-certain world today. -David Kuo, Investment Expert, The Motley Fool,
A refreshing, smart, investment book. The recession starkly revealed most economists didn’t get it right. This book, drawing form sociology, psychology and institutional economics, shows the challenges real people in real lives face as they increasingly try and fail to manage life’s risks through commercial and unstable financial markets. -Teresa Ghilarducci, Schwartz Professor of Economic Analysis, The New School, USA
Explaining the complexities of personal investment is a challenge in itself but to locate these decisions in their political and sociological content is a stunning achievement. This is a remarkable and fascinating book that will appeal equally to finance practitioners and students of social change. -Peter Howells, Professor of Monetary Economics, Centre of Global Finance, Bristol Business School, UK