Thinking Sociolinguistically

How to Plan, Conduct and Present Your Research Project

by Paul McPherron and Trudy Smoke

Thinking Sociolinguistically is a practical guide to planning, conducting and presenting a sociolinguistic research project. Written in an accessible and engaging style, the book begins with a brief review of what sociolinguists study and how they study it, before guiding students step-by-step through the research process. It presents a range of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methods, including surveys, interviews and corpora, supported by examples from both published researchers and student projects.

This companion website features additional resources for lecturers* to support students in developing their research skills, alongside sample assignments so students can see how the authors’ own students have approached sociolinguistic research projects.

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Praise for Thinking Sociolinguistically:

Thinking Sociolinguistically provides a clear and accessible guide to researching language in society. This book will encourage readers to think about their own experiences with language and the social world and to question their assumptions. Chapters feature colourful examples and exercises help to get the creative juices flowing. - Janet M. Fuller, University of Groningen, the Netherlands
With its unique blend of practical step-by-step guides, homage to the works of established linguists, and candid insights into the messiness of social science research, I predict this volume will fast become a go-to primer for (future) applied linguists. - Tamara Sniad, Temple University College of Education, USA
This is a most engaging guide for students embarking on sociolinguistic projects large or small. Its discussion of different approaches, sample topics, and the tips on presentation of research and writing style will be invaluable to readers. - Rajend Mesthrie, University of Cape Town, South Africa