European Union Politics

Palgrave Foundations Series

by John McCormick

Web links


  • Europa
    The key official EU web site, with links to the sites of all the major institutions and services.
  • European Navigator
    A web site containing information on the history, institutions, and activities of the EU.

Selected European Commission delegations


  • Political Resources on the Net
    Click on 'Europe' for individual states, and on 'European Union' for the EU. Contains links to European organizations, media sites, political parties, and EU institutions.
  • CIA World Factbook
  • Europeana
    A web site containing a wealth of information on European culture, including images, maps, photos, texts, archival papers, and audiovisual resources.

Non-governmental organizations

News about Europe

  • Café
    A multilingual European current affairs magazine that describes itself as 'providing a unique platform of expression for the 'eurogeneration', the first generation living Europe on a day-by-day basis thanks to the Erasmus study exchange programme'.
  • EUbusiness
    A web site with news on business and finance in Europe.
  • European Voice
    The independent weekly newspaper published by The Economist Group since 1995.
  • The
    A source of news on events in the major EU institutions, providing a forum for MEPs, European commissioners and representatives of national governments.
  • EurActiv
    An independent web site focusing on policy developments in the EU.
  • E!Sharp
    A bimonthly analysis magazine created in 2002.
  • EUObserver
    Founded in 2000 to support the debate on European affairs.