Environmental Science in Building

Seventh edition

by Randall McMullan

Weblinks and references

The following ‘signposts’ are useful starting points when looking for information. Most commercial providers of materials and equipment also have websites with technical information. Many sites, such as the professional body sites, also have multiple links or ‘portals’ to other sites. Some of the Internet references will evolve and change so you should also try and build up your own set of reference sources. Newspapers, magazines and journals list up-to-date links.

Some of the references are links to standards or arrangements for a particular country, but they can also be useful in giving examples of good practice, for highlighting trends and suggesting sources of information for your region.

Note that government departments and agencies may change their name following reorganisations and their publications may continue to be listed under a previous name. Entering key words into an Internet search engine such as Google should quickly give you links.

Some National Standards Organisations:

  • Australia
    SAI: Standards Australia
  • Canada
    SCC: Standards Council of Canada
  • Europe
    CEN: European Committee for Standardization
  • Hong Kong
    ITCHKSAR: Innovation and Technology Commission
  • Ireland
    NSAI: National Standards Authority of Ireland
  • New Zealand
    SNZ: Standards New Zealand
  • Singapore
    PSB: Singapore Productivity and Standards Board
  • South Africa
    SABS: South African Bureau of Standards
  • United Kingdom
    BSI: British Standards Institution
  • USA
    ANSI: American National Standards Institute