Knowledge Management and Information Systems

Strategies for Growing Organizations

by Robert Mellor

About this book

About the author
ROBERT MELLOR Principle Lecturer and Director of Enterprise at Kingston University, UK. He teaches on a range of information systems related courses at Kingston Business School and is an expert advisor to the European Commission. He has taught widely in the UK, Denmark and Sweden.
Robert Mellor 'unifies' theories of organisation, transaction cost economics, knowledge management, innovation, and entrepreneurship into a "knowledge valley" model. The model is developed on the basis of Monte Carlo simulations and along with its accompanying theory explain a number of common perceptions as well as provide novel insights on how to use information systems to leverage knowledge assets and grow organizations. Although directly applicable to SMEs its lessons and insights are also relevant to larger organisations. The book should prove instructive to students and researchers in the above fields. -Dr Dimitrios Tsagdis, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Centre for Regional and International Business at Hull University Business School