Palgrave Modern Linguistics

by Palgrave Macmillan

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This website provides answer keys for questions contained in the books in the series. These answer keys are password-protected and are available to lecturers who adopt any of the titles in the series. We hope you find the answer keys useful for your teaching. The resources for the book Communication Disorders are freely available to lecturers and readers who want to consult the wealth of material alongside the book.

The addition of answer keys for more titles is ongoing, and will be posted on this website as they become available.

Each textbook in the Modern Linguistics series is designed to provide an introduction to a topic in contemporary linguistics and allied disciplines, presented in a manner that is accessible and attractive to readers with no previous experience of the topic. The texts are designed to engage the active participation of the reader, and include exercises and suggestions for further reading. As well as an understanding of the basic concepts and issues for each topic, readers will gain an up-to-date knowledge of current debates and questions in the field.

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Communication disorders
Communication Disorders
Louise Cummings
Phonology, 2nd edition
Philip Carr,
Jean-Pierre Montreuil