Politics and Governance in the UK

Second edition

by Michael Moran

Extra Resources - Chapter 03

The most stimulating, authoritative, and partly sceptical, study of the economic globalisation which has done so much to transform the traditional model of foreign relations is Hirst, Thompson and Bromley (2009). A hugely useful collection of papers is in Held and McGrew (2000). Oxford Review of Economic Policy (1999) is fascinating on long term economic changes over the 20th century in the world economy. A vast, stimulating and highly readable panorama of the history of the international system in which Britain plays a key part is Kennedy (1989). The most important scholarly study of the European movement is Milward (1992). Gamble (2003) is very illuminating on the tensions between American and European fates for the United Kingdom. Barnett (2001), highly polemical, is nevertheless excellent on historical visions of Britain. Sanders (1990) studies British 'post imperialist' foreign policy.

A very good journal for this chapter, not confined to Britain, is New Political Economy, available in all good academic libraries.

The best web site for this chapter is maintained by the Royal Institute for International Affairs: http://www.riia.org.