Politics and Governance in the UK

Second edition

by Michael Moran

Extra Resources - Chapter 09

The most important modern single academic study is Judge (1993); see also Judge 1999. The most distinguished modern student of Parliament is Norton: (1981), though dated, is still the most comprehensive statement; Norton (1990), (1998) and especially 2005 are all valuable. Riddell (2000) looks at Parliament under Blair. Silk and Walters (1998) at Parliamentary mechanics. Cowley (2002) is part of a growing literature on the voting behaviour of MPs; Cowley (2005) adds a later instalment. Russell (2000) very helpfully sets the debates about Lords reform in longer term, comparative perspective. Though it never came to much, the Report of the Royal Commission on Lords Reform (2000) is invaluable for the student. This chapter has two journals that publish a stream of specialist work, The Journal of Legislative Studies, and Parliamentary Affairs, available in most good academic libraries.

The best web site for this chapter is that for the Westminster Parliament, with numerous appropriate links: www.parliament.uk.