Politics and Governance in the UK

Second edition

by Michael Moran

Extra Resources - Chapter 11

Northern Ireland has produced a huge literature, unsurprisingly. The single most important study is O'Leary and McGarry 1996 and now revised as O’Leary and McCarry (2010). Rose (1971), based partly on work before the troubles started, is still important. Arthur and Jeffery (1998) is a succinct modern narrative; Tonge (2002) is a good overview Adshead and Tonge (2009) very interestingly set Northern Ireland, not into UK politics, but into the wider politics of the Irish island. Tonge (2006) is a book length survey of the whole Northern Ireland experience. McKittrick and McVea (2001) is now dating but a classic: David McKittrick’s journalistic coverage of Northern Ireland has been the best by far over the years. English (2004 and 2007) are two great studies of key aspects of Irish nationalism, not confined in their range of Northern Ireland. A very good journal to keep an eye on for up to date studies on Northern Ireland is Irish Political Studies, the journal of the Political Studies Association of Ireland.

The official government website on Northern Ireland is http://www.nidirect.gov.uk/ but over the years I have found the most dispassionate and thorough reporting of Northern Ireland to come from the Dublin based newspaper, the Irish Times, which at the time of writing has a free to user site: http://www.irishtimes.com/.