Politics and Governance in the UK

Second edition

by Michael Moran

Extra Resources - Chapter 22

For many years 'Democratic Audit', operating from the University of Essex, has been publishing audits of democracy and rights in Britain and elsewhere: see http://www.democraticaudit.com/. Its continuing work is always worth tracking down: see in particular Beetham, et al (2002). Macpherson (1999) is invaluable both as a document reflective of the time, and as a source of information. Leggatt (2001) though an official document is an invaluable map of the Tribunal system. Heffernan and Thompson (2005) is excellent on issues of power and democracy. Moran (2007), chapter 3, is a handy summary on the robustness, or otherwise, of the system of self-regulation. Senvirante (2002) is comprehensive and up to date on Ombudsmen, and has the added strength of some comparative material. Jowell and Cooper (2007) describe the latest important human rights developments.

It is hard to work on this area from book sources alone, because especially since the terrorist attacks on New York in 2001 revolutionary changes have been taking place in the relations between the state and the citizen. The journal Public Law is a vital source for keeping up to date; while the site of Statewatch (see chapter 22) is also excellent for this chapter.

A great web site which covers the wacky and wonderful world of Ombudsmen, private and public, is that of the British and Irish Ombudsmen Association: http://www.bioa.org.uk/.