PR Today

The authoritative guide to public relations

by Trevor Morris and Simon Goldsworthy

Endorsements for PR Today

If you read just one book on PR, read this. In an industry full of self-important bogus theory and pretension, Morris and Goldsworthy tell it how it really is. Worth more than any number of lectures. Buy it. -Francis Ingham, Director General, The Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA)
Whether you're trying to find your first job in PR or trying to make sense of your next one, read this. It's refreshingly honest, fast paced and highly readable. Sometimes we spend so much time worrying about the change in our industry we forget what a great place it is to work. Reading this will remind you. -Sally Costerton, Chairman and CEO, Hill & Knowlton Europe, Middle East & Africa
PR advice from an expert academic is a great grounding for a career. Advice from someone who has been at the top of the industry is the best way of building your career. This book brings both together. It's a winning combination and well worth the money. -Paul Mylrea, President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and Director of Communications at the BBC
An opinionated textbook with an authentic voice; this book is an indispensable primer for PR students and new practitioners. -Trish Evans, PR Course Leader, University of Westminster, UK
PR Today is a great resource for those studying PR, entering the industry or just wanting to get on in their PR career. It demonstrates the complexities of the industry and huge variety of opportunities available to practitioners. It dispels the myths of PR and demonstrates how it has developed to become a strategic profession as practitioners increasingly counsel those who lead organisations. The authors demonstrate a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as links with some of the most revered practitioners in the industry, providing the reader with a fantastic insight into the exciting world of public relations. -Lucy Laville, Course Leader PR, Leeds Met University, UK
Candid, incisive and formidably well organised. A serious attempt to describe the field as it is, rather than how PR practitioners would like to imagine it to be. -John Tulloch, Head Lincoln School of Journalism,University of Lincoln, UK