Business Ethics

New Challenges in a Globalized World

by Janet Morrison The Global Business Environment 3e International Business

About this book

Business Ethics: New challenges in a globalized world provides a comprehensive account of the challenges facing businesses as they pursue global business activities.

Business ethics as an academic subject and business priority has increased significantly in the last decade, as companies have increasingly been placed in the moral spotlight by shareholders, consumers, employees and governments. The growing complexities of the global economy demand a broader and a deeper view of business ethics than that offered by current management approaches, which focus on reforming corporate behaviour. This book places business ethics in a richer contextual setting, focusing on the challenges that business must now confront, such as inequality, financial risk, migrant labour, climate change and human rights, and exploring how these challenges can be met by a rethinking of business models, goals and strategies.
Key benefits of this book:
  • Up-to-date overview of ethical issues in an international business context
  • Includes cases and examples from emerging economies
  • Encourages critical thinking skills in students
  • Lively case studies bring the subject to life