International Business

Challenges in a Changing World

by Janet Morrison

Table of Contents

A list of parts and chapters in the book is shown below. Full contents are also available to view in PDF form, including a complete list of figures, tables and plates. 

Part 1 The international dimension and the organization 

  1. The business enterprise in the international environment
  2. Perspectives on globalization

Part 2 The environment of IB 

  1. The economic environment 
  2. The cultural environment 
  3. The political and legal environment 

Part 3 Competing in the global marketplace

  1. International trade and regional integration
  2. Strategy and organizations 
  3. Marketing 

Part 4 Managing in the global environment 

  1. Human resource management 
  2. Supply chains 
  3. Finance and accounting 
  4. Innovation and strategy 

Part 5 Global issues and IB 

  1. Ecological challenges for business and society 
  2. Corporate social responsibility 
  3. Global governance