International Business

Challenges in a Changing World

by Janet Morrison

Journal for International Business Studies material

Welcome to the unique JIBS zone, which offers free access to a selection of articles from the Journal of International Business Studies.

The articles are also supported by extensive author-written resources for lecturers and students...

For students

  • Introductory section, providing guidance on how to get the most out of journal articles
  • Article support materials, including:

    - Commentary written by the author, explaining the background to each article and defining key terms
    - Links to relevant sections of the textbook
    - Follow-up questions, designed to guide students to relevant research and to encourage critical analysis.

For lecturers (download below)

  • Extensive guideline answers to the follow-up questions posed in the article support materials (above), giving an indication of the main points and issues arising in connection with each question.
  • Article matrix, showing in tabular form how articles map onto the chapters of the book.

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