The Global Business Environment

Meeting the Challenges, third edition

by Janet Morrison

Chapter 6 resources

Student materials

Learning objectives:

  1. To understand the nature and origins of cultural diversity in societies
  2. To identify cultural dimensions as an aid to comparing national cultures
  3. To assess the role and impacts of different organizational cultures in the business environment
  4. To appreciate the ways in which societies change over time, together with the implications for international managers

Additional case studies:

IKEA branches out in Russia
As a Bric country, Russia is a growing market for many companies. This case study can be read in conjunction with Chapter 2, on globalization. It is also relevant to Chapter 6, which discusses changing societies.

Has restructuring paid off at Procter & Gamble?
This case study focuses on organizational structures and managing change, which are discussed in Chapter 5. This case study is also relevant to the discussion of corporate culture in Chapter 6. Note that there is a Meet the CEO feature on the current CEO of P&G on p. 130 in Chapter 4.

Image change at McDonalds
This case study provides background on changing strategy at McDonalds. It is relevant to Chapters 6 (on culture) and Chapter 5. Note that McDonalds is featured in the closing case study of Chapter 6.

Winning over Hispanic consumers in the US
This topic has become more important as the numbers of Hispanic residents of the US have grown. It is relevant to Chapter 6. Note that there is a case study on Mexico in Chapter 5.

Islam under strain in Saudi Arabia
This case study highlights issues which continue to be important. It is relevant to Chapter 6, where there is a case study on Arab countries in general.

New era of the flexible friend in Asia
As Asian consumer societies continue to grow, this case study provides background on the pitfalls of rapid expansion of consumer credit. It is relevant to Chapters 6, and also Chapter 9 (on finance) and Chapter 12 (on ethics and CSR).

The growing power of the older consumer
As societies age, the impact of older consumers becomes more important. This case study is relevant to Chapter 6, and also Chapter 3.

The voices of Indian democracy
Although India has experienced rapid economic growth, the country remains turbulent politically, and presents challenges for foreign investors. This case study relates mainly to Chapter 7, but also to Chapters 2 and 6.

Legal reforms win business in Turkey
Since this case study first appeared, Turkey has experienced economic growth and surging FDI. This case study is most relevant to Chapter 8 (the legal environment), but also Chapters 6 and 7.