The Global Business Environment

Meeting the Challenges, third edition

by Janet Morrison

Chapter 8 resources

Student materials

Learning objectives:

  1. To understand the interrelationships between national, regional, and international legal frameworks in their impact on the international business environment
  2. To appreciate the divergence in structures, processes and content between national legal systems
  3. To assess the impact of evolving regional, in particular, European Union, law-making on enterprises, workers and consumers
  4. To apply principles of international law, including human rights, to organizations and their workforces.

Additional case studies:

Ryanair and the revolution in low-cost travel
This case study focuses on an industry which continues to be in the limelight. It is relevant to the issues discussed in a number of chapters, including Chapters 1, 5, 8 and 11.

Legal reforms win business in Turkey
Since this case study first appeared, Turkey has experienced economic growth and surging FDI. This case study is most relevant to Chapter 8 (the legal environment), but also Chapters 6 and 7.

Legal battle between Tesco and Levi Strauss
This case study highlights the obstacles faced by brand owners in attempting to prevent their products being sold in cheaper retail outlets such as supermarkets. It is relevant to Chapter 8.

Asbestos liability goes global
Legal claims across national borders are the subject of this case study, highlighting an issue that continues to be important in international business. It relates to Chapter 8, and also Chapter 12.

Firestone recalls 6.5 million tyres
This case study concerns product liability and negligence in mass manufacturing. It is relevant to Chapter 8.

Microsoft takes on the antitrust authorities
Legal issues of possible abuse of a dominant market position continue to affect Microsoft, and also Google. This case study is relevant to Chapter 8, on the legal environment, which has a section on competition law.

Feeling lucky with Google
This case study can be read in conjunction with the discussion of Google and the internet in the book, notably the case study on the internet in Chapter 8.