Economics for Business

Second Edition

by Chris Mulhearn and Howard Vane

Endorsements and praise for Economics for Business, second edition

This is Mulhearn and Vane at their best. This second edition is both thorough and engaging and will be an asset for all students undertaking introductory economics. - Carole Doyle, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK
Mulhearn and Vane do an outstanding job of bringing the subject of economics to life. They show their readers how knowledge of economic concepts helps them understand the world of business.
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- Thomas Coskeran, Durham University, UK
This book is a great combination of three ingredients: an accessible writing style; a comprehensive set of real examples; and a culturally stimulating approach. I would definitely recommend it to students beginning their business studies. - Emanuele Tarantino, University of Bologna, Italy
The book is well written, clear and easy to follow, and will be attractive to business students who don’t want to focus their degrees on economics. I really like the way it simplifies the more complex, macroeconomic material. - Fiona Carmichael, University of Birmingham, UK