Economics for Business

Second Edition

by Chris Mulhearn and Howard Vane

What makes this book so special?

  1. An exceptionally engaging writing style

    So readable that it even appeals to non-specialists.
My favourite aspects are the writing style [in general]….and the sections on the Theory of the Firm, which are excellently written. - Joe Cox, Portsmouth University
I really like the way it simplifies the more complex, macroeconomic material. I think the book is well written, clear and easy to follow, and attractive to business students who don’t want to focus their degrees on economics. - Fiona Carmichael, University of Birmingham
The author simplifies topics, making the chapters straightforward to read. This is not the case with many other economics texts which students have to plough through and read over and over again to understand. - Andrew Coulson, Newcastle Business School
Chapters are well written and presented. The explanations are unhurried and not many assumptions have been made about prior knowledge, which is good. - Simeon Coleman, Nottingham Trent University
  1. The perfect balance of economic theory and business content

    Business Case Studies, Applying Economics to Business and Reflecting on Economics features clarify key economic concepts and demonstrate how they play a vital role in a wide variety of business situations.
An accessible account of the standard concepts…and a rather comprehensive set of real examples. -This is an attribution text below a quote if quoted.
The balance between theoretical concepts and practical examples is just right, with good linkage between the two. - Andrew Coulson, Newcastle Business School
  1. New theme on Economics Nobel Prize winners

    This new theme includes more information on winners’ most important theories, how they apply to business, and on how issues from everyday life inspired them to become economists, thus grounding economics in the day-to-day.
It is a nice overview and would serve to attract students to study economics. - Hans Bloemen, Vrije Universiteit, the Netherlands
This is an interesting addition. - Shanti P. Chakravarty, Bangor University
  1. Highly illustrated with quirky and interesting pedagogy

    Packed with satirical cartoons, full colour photographs, figures and tables and quirky pedagogy like the ‘one thing you should read’ feature which asks students to read anything from a short extract from a novel to an interview with an economist.
This [‘one thing you should read’] is an excellent addition. Students no longer believe they are reading for a degree. - Carol Doyle, Glasgow Caledonian University
These features…bring the theory to life. - Simeon Coleman, Nottingham Trent University