Economics for Business

by Chris Mulhearn & Howard Vane

Economics at Work Video Interviews

In these video interviews, business managers talk about how they have used economic principles in their everyday jobs.

Nileeka Gunawardene is founder and creative director of the Bollywood Co., a dance company in London. Here she discusses resource allocation, the impact of the recession, and how successful entrepreneurs respond to market needs.

Olly Cooper is the Managing Director at inplaymaker, and organization which develops native apps for iOS and Android platforms. Here, he discusses the market for apps, supply and demand, and how a basic knowledge of economics helps him in his day-to-day working life.

Geoff Gorst is Business Development Director for Meyer Group Ltd, a global company that designs and manufacturers cookware. Here he discusses his firm's strategies for growth.

Ben MacKinnon is founder of e5 Bakehouse, an independent bakery. in London. Here he talks about how he kick-started his business, the market for his products, the relevance of price elasticity, and how the bakery manages supply and demand.

Jaime Marshall is Managing Director at Palgrave Macmillan. Here he discusses the challenges and opportunities faced by operating globally, and how a basic knowledge of economics is useful in everyday working life.