Making Sense of Data and Statistics in Psychology

Second edition

by Gerry Mulhern and Brian Greer

What is new to the second edition?

The new edition of Making Sense of Data and Statistics in Psychology has been substantially revised and expanded to reflect feedback from instructors and students. New additions to the second edition include:
  • Making Sense of SPSS. Many chapters now feature a concise, no-nonsense guide to carrying out statistical tests using SPSS, designed to help the reader navigate that statistical package and avoid many common pitfalls
  • Making links. There is a great emphasis in this edition on establishing the links between different statistical tests and concepts, which fits well into the logical and intuitive organisation of the chapters
  • Digging deeper. In a number of chapters, a new feature encourages students to dig a little deeper, by introducing more complex or advanced tests
  • More dialogues. More of the innovative dialogues that were such a popular feature of the first edition have been included