Making Sense of Data and Statistics in Psychology

Second edition

by Gerry Mulhern and Brian Greer

What makes this book so special?

The first edition of Making Sense of Data and Statistics in Psychology was popular with lecturers and students alike. The second edition retains many of the key features that made the first edition so invaluable to Psychology students tackling their statistics modules, including:
  • A logical, intuitive organisation of key statistical concepts and tests. There is an emphasis throughout on understanding which test to use and why, and on acquiring a real feel for the analysis and interpretation of data
  • A clear, engaging writing style
  • Innovative pedagogical features. These include a ‘Before reading on…’ feature designed to help readers check their understanding of key concepts, and a series of dialogues between a lecturer and a student, designed to reinforce firm foundations in the fundamentals of statistics
  • Interesting examples and intelligent illustrations: Examples used to illustrate statistical tests include experiments on the effect of coffee on reaction times; the attitudes of different groups of people to technology and the television viewing habits of different socio-economic sectors. An emphasis on graphical illustrations of key tests and results throughout the book provides even the most maths-averse student with the understanding needed to analyse and understand his or her own data.