The Realities of Work

Experiencing Work and Employment in Contemporary Society

by Mike Noon, Paul Blyton and Kevin Morrell


The Realities of Work is now established as a key introductory text to classical ideas and new research about work and employment in today's workplace. With a focus on the skills, routines and survival strategies used by workers to manoeuvre their way through controls, technologies and obstacles to meaningful, knowledgeable and balanced working life, Mike Noon, Paul Blyton and Kevin Morrell have updated research across all 14 chapters to maintain the relevance of the text for understanding and explaining trends in the modern workplace. - Professor Chris Smith, Royal Holloway University of London, UK
This book is indispensable for students who wish to develop a detailed understanding of contemporary workplace settings. It has a comprehensive in scope that is impressive and its thematic organisation systematically dissects key debates about the changing nature of working-life. At the same time, its accessible prose, entertaining examples and cogent suggestions for activities and discussions make it an invaluable resource for educators who wish to convey the realities of worker experiences to their students. In short, this book should be a core text within all programmes of study that include industrial relations, HRM and work organisation as core subject areas. - Professor Steve Vincent, Newcastle University, UK
The Realities of Work is a terrific book that is part of an important project. More than a survey of concepts and theories about work, the book is designed to help the reader think through what work is in its many forms. I particularly like the accessibility of the writing, the ubiquitous examples, and the deliberate efforts to help readers think through what they read in the text with exercises, questions for reflection, and extracts that bring the material to life. In these ways, the book goes well beyond the typical textbook in making the material engaging. This is a rare text that students, particularly undergraduates but graduate students as well, will actually enjoy reading. - Professor Jeff Lucas, University of Maryland, USA
The manuscript is well structured and logical with balanced style and content. It offers an explanatory, critical reading as well as the ability to think deeply about the changing world of work. It is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in work, society and organisation. - Denis Hyams-Ssekasi, University of Huddersfield, UK
The authors are to be commended for locating their analysis of work in the current financial crisis, making their contribution relevant and applicable. Contemporary examples make the text relevant for undergraduate students, whilst the use of key concepts, exercises and extracts help complex materials become accessible and engaging. This edition will make a valuable contribution to understanding work. - Dr. Chris Bolsmann, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Aston University, UK
Placing the employee at the centre of their analysis, the newest edition of The Realities of Work, by Mike Noon, Paul Blyton and Kevin Morrell, makes a significant and innovative contribution to our understanding of work. Combining important theoretical frameworks with a diverse range of historical and contemporary examples, The Realities of Work reveals how individual and collective experiences and the organisation of work are the outcome of contested social, political and economic processes and relationships. In short, this book furthers and deepens our understanding of the complexity and diversity of work, an activity which in all of its forms remains central to human experience. - Professor Tim Marjoribanks, La Trobe Business School, Australia