Minding the Brain

A Guide to Philosophy and Neuroscience

by Georg Northoff

About this book

Neuroscience has raised many questions for philosophy and its traditional focus on the mind, but what does the emerging field of neurophilosophy teach us about the relationship between mind and brain? How have the new debates transformed our understanding of consciousness, the self and free will?

Georg Northoff is a world-leading expert in this exciting area, and in Minding the Brain he provides a comprehensive introduction to non-reductive neurophilosophy, charting the developments of the discipline and applying its ideas to the debates that have captivated philosophers for centuries.

Minding the Brain:

  • Employs extensive pedagogy to help you get to grips with complex concepts

  • Takes a unique transdisciplinary approach that unifies science, psychology and philosophy

Unearthing new ways to tackle age-old debates, Minding the Brain is a stimulating text for anybody interested in philosophy, psychology, the cognitive sciences and neuroscience.