Essential Quantitative Methods

For Business, Management and Finance

by Les Oakshott

About this book

Thoroughly revised and updated, this sixth edition of Essential Quantitative Methods is a concise and accessible guide to key techniques that is fully grounded in the real world of business. Ideal for undergraduate students of business, management and finance, and also widely used by MBA students and postgraduates, it offers:
  • A clear and instructive writing style to guide you from basic statistics to the more advanced topics such as hypothesis testing and time series, as well as operational research techniques such as linear programming and inventory management
  • Quantitative Methods in Action case studies, all new for this edition, which demonstrate the relevance of quantitative techniques to business and society, and feature contemporary topics such as the Ebola epidemic, the soccer World Cup, London’s vast new railway project Crossrail, and more
  • An optional maths revision section that assumes no prior knowledge and brings you up to speed, whatever your maths background
  • Numerous in-text activities to help you practise and gain confidence
  • Extensive coverage of the latest statistical software packages, Excel 2013 and SPSS 22, fully illustrated with screenshots