Essential Quantitative Methods

For Business, Management and Finance

by Les Oakshott


Essential Quantitative Methods is a concise and accessible guide to the key quantitative methods used in business, management and finance. It offers numerous examples and case studies to demonstrate the real-life application of empirical techniques.

This website provides an array of free resources to support your use of the textbook.

For students:
  • Solutions to all the practice questions from the textbook
  • Multiple choice, true/false and additional review questions to test your understanding and help you build confidence
  • A comprehensive list of the statistical and mathematical formulae used in the book
  • Excel datasets to accompany your textbook
  • A bonus chapter retained from the previous edition ‘Taking account of randomness'
For instructors:
  • Answers to the end-of-chapter assignments
  • Additional questions and assignments
  • An online library of additional case studies
  • PowerPoint slides to use in teaching