Essential Quantitative Methods

For Business, Management and Finance, fifth edition

by Les Oakshott


The fifth edition of Oakshott's Essential Quantitative Methods is perfect for students on Business-related courses. The language and tone used throughout the book make it accessible for students without any previous exposure to Quantitative Methods. Regular in-text activities and the self-tests on the excellent companion website help to boost student confidence in the subject. The new 'Did you know?' snippets and updated case studies motivate the techniques developed and serve to highlight the relevance of Quantitative Methods in the modern world of Business, Management and Finance. -Lee Fawcett, Newcastle University, UK
Having utilised the previous edition of this book as the essential text for a large level one module for business students, I am happy to endorse this fifth edition, which retains all the attractive features of the previous editions whilst updating examples and case studies wherever necessary. New features that should enhance and enrich the teaching and learning experience include the 'Did you know' snippets, the references to online research methodology, and the sensible reorganisation of some of the material. -Tim Swift, University of the West of England, UK
A beautifully produced text. This new edition must surely be one of the most friendly and effective offerings in the field. Seriously impressive. -Jim Freeman, University of Manchester, UK
A relevant all-in-one textbook with a high home-study quality -Wim van Beers, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The problem in the field is that textbooks are either 'how to' manuals - geared toward pushing software buttons and reading the results without understanding the underlying concepts - or too mathematical. Oakshott does an exceptional job of explaining the concepts using minimal math. -Thijs ten Raa, Tilburg University, The Netherlands