Global Political Economy

Evolution and dynamics, sixth edition

by Robert O'Brien and Marc Williams


Are you looking for a highly accessible and comprehensive introduction to international political economy? Go no further. From its first to its current edition, Global Political Economy by O’Brien and Williams has provided a fantastic resource, covering the most important theories as well as empirical topics in an extremely engaging way. – Andreas Bieler, University of Nottingham, UK
O’Brien and Williams’ sixth edition of this highly regarded textbook continues to deliver. It is by far the most accessible undergraduate textbook on global political economy, with simple explanations of complex phenomena and relevant real-world examples. The authors continue to do an excellent job of balancing rigor with accessibility. – Kelly Gerard, University of Western Australia, Australia
O’Brien and Williams have written one of the most thorough and well-balanced introductions to IPE on the market. This updated edition provides students with an unsurpassed resource for learning about our subject, and will be of value to them throughout their studies. Please use it! – Randall Germain, Carleton University, Canada
As a lecturer with a very interdisciplinary student profile (from Business Schools, Development Studies, Politics, Philosophy and International Relations) O’Brien and Williams’ Global Political Economy offers the solid foundational guide that brings them all on to the same page. This excellent textbook permits me to build on common knowledge obtained through student reading, and to then push analysis through further reading. – Elizabeth Cobbett, University of East Anglia, UK
No other textbook introduces students to the scope and diversity of thought that O’Brien and Williams present. This book stays true to the interdisciplinary founding spirit of GPE, providing a diverse toolkit for readers to lay a foundation for a deep understanding of “how the world works” and how it may change. – Peter Beattie, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Global Political Economy is a mainstay reference in IR teaching, and O’Brien and Williams manage to keep it remarkably relevant and useful in this sixth edition. Their combination of history, theoretical foundations and current themes continues to guide readers to a profound understanding of the subject. – Erik Andersson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Global Political Economy by O’Brien and Williams is the core textbook on my second-year GPE module. It provides an accessible introduction to the theoretical perspectives on GPE, the evolution of the global economy and key issues in GPE. The new version builds on and updates the previous version to include key developments in GPE such as the growth in trade protectionism and the impact of blockchain and AI, as well as new and updated information boxes on key issues, ensuring that it will continue to be an essential resource for students. – Helen Hawthorne, Middlesex University, UK
I have successfully used earlier editions of this engaging book in my introductory IPE courses. This new edition takes account of key developments in the world and in the field without losing a distinctive historical and conceptual perspective. Students will find it comprehensive and accessible. – Louis W. Pauly, University of Toronto, Canada
I am very excited to see the new edition. The most comprehensive, theoretically-balanced, historically-grounded and policy-relevant IPE text currently available now includes the most important new developments in the world economy. – Anna Lanoszka, University of Windsor, Canada
Now in its sixth edition, this comprehensive textbook has stood the test of time. It provides historical and theoretical context for a wide range of issues and debates in international political economy and the most recent edition offers much-needed perspective on unfolding developments, ranging from the rise of economic nationalism, the globalisation of state capitalism, rapid technological change and climate change. – Lauge Poulsen, University College, London, UK
The updated edition of O'Brien & Williams absolutely delivers on its promise. My students will enjoy the book’s clear language, and will find its renewed emphasis on contemporary controversies to be highly engaging, practical and informative. Global Political Economy deserves to be the standard introduction to this growing field. – Adam Sneyd, University of Guelph, Canada
This new edition of Global Political Economy provides an invaluable introduction to the field that is at once insightful, accessible and comprehensive. Readers will come away from this book with a clear understanding of the historical evolution of the global political economy, a solid grasp of the theoretical debates in the field and a rich appreciation of key contemporary issues and challenges. – Jacqueline Best, University of Ottawa, Canada
In this sixth edition of Global Political Economy, Robert O’Brien and Marc Williams have taken a superb global political economy text and made it even better. Often the international political economy is presented as a set of disconnected contemporary issues, but this book is refreshing because it takes history and context seriously. It treats the complex theories of global political economy thoroughly and in a balanced way that is easy for students to understand. The book integrates these theories into well researched and up-to-date chapters. It is an invaluable tool for both students and teachers of global political economy. – Wayne S. Cox, Queen’s University, Canada
O’Brien and Williams provide a comprehensive, sophisticated, yet accessible treatment of the key ideas every student of international political economy should know. From the long-range and truly global historical perspective, to the latest theoretical debates and contemporary issues, instructors will find a lot to choose from in this book, both for introductory and advanced undergraduate IPE courses. – Pierre Ly, University of Puget Sound, USA
Global Political Economy masterfully combines the traditional with the critical to better equip students with the range of perspectives needed for the global challenges that lie ahead. It offers accessibility without sacrificing complexity, breadth as well as depth. The sixth edition must be a key text for any student in the field. – Kaye Quek, RMIT University, Australia
This has been an outstanding textbook in global political economy for some time, particularly because of its combined treatment of both the evolution of the world economy and its contemporary dynamics. By updating the book to take cognizance of events right up to the very recent past, O’Brien and Williams have ensured that the book remains intensely relevant to our contemporary reality. – John Serieux, University of Manitoba, Canada
O’Brien and Williams provide a highly accessible yet thorough guide to the wide-ranging and fast-evolving field of global political economy. The new edition grounds key theoretical and empirical developments within historically informed considerations of contemporary challenges. The coverage, context and clarity this textbook offers make it the most valuable introduction to an evolving and ever dynamic global political economy. – Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn, University of Groningen, the Netherlands
Robert O’Brien and Marc Williams’ Global Political Economy is the most comprehensive, historically informed, and balanced textbook on the subject available today. Students will get a systematic introduction into the development of the global economy through successive world orders and from different theoretical and methodological perspectives. Instructors and students alike will relish the exceptional clarity of the writing. – Randolph B. Persaud, American University, Washington DC, USA
The sixth edition of this excellent textbook includes useful and important updates that will provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the field through a highly-accessible and well-balanced combination of theoretical approaches, historical context and dynamics of change, and contemporary issues and challenges in the study of the global political economy. – André Broom, University of Warwick, UK