Global Political Economy

Evolution and dynamics, fifth edition

by Robert O'Brien and Marc Williams

Podcasts and Videos

Chapter 1 - Liberalism

A humorous take on an economic debate between two greats of liberal thought locked in a rap off - it is John Maynard Keynes vs. Frederick Hayeck (7:33 minutes).

Chapter 6 - Trade

Guardian FairTrade podcast:

Chapter 7- Global Production

Trailer for Edward Burtynsky’s film Manufactured Landscapes

Business school view of global production management:

Podcast “Unfinished Business” CBC. Tells the story of Mayan women from Guatemala suing Canadian mining company for human rights abuses.

Video of a workshop sponsored by the Economic Policy Institute Conference in Washington DC on the manufacturing of Apple and Foxconn:

Chapter 8 - Finance

Comedian John Stewart offers a stinging critique of the poor analysis of TV financial pundits before and during the 2008 US credit crisis (8 mins):
In the US:
(Note: Outside US you may need to search this episode due to international rights issues).

Professor Ronen Palan from the Cass Business School discusses the news that Starbucks does not pay any income tax in the United Kingdom. He spoke on Bloomberg Television's "City Central" on November 13, 2012.

RSA Animate: Crisis of Capitalism (work of David Harvey)

‘Euro crisis: three years of pain’ The Guardian, 2 November 2012. Interactive graphic showing key events of Euro sovereign debt crisis.

Podcast ‘On the Euro Crisis: Continental Break’ (57 mins) up from This American Life (NPR), 20 January 2012

Chapter 9 - Labour

Humorous video on ‘individual’ outsourcing carried to the extreme,14329/

Highlights from a UN seminar given by author Guy Standing on ‘The Precariat: the Dangerous Class’

Chapter 10 - Gender

World Economic Forum on Global Gender Gap

Al Jazeera story on trafficking of women from Central Asia to the Middle East

Chapter 12 - Environment

The Story of Electronics: A look at issue of electronics waste

Lecture on the politics of Climate Change Denial
Professor Naoimi Oakes,UCSD, ‘The American Denial of Climate Change’

Chapter 13 - Ideas

Professor Mark Blyth (Watson Institute, Brown University) on the idea and politics of austerity:

Chapter 14 - Security

Trailer for Nicolas Cage movie about arms merchants:

Professor Mary Kaldor on insecurity:

Chapter 15 Governance

David Held on Global Governance