Global Diversity Management

An Evidence-Based Approach

by Mustafa Özbilgin, Ahu Tatli & Karsten Jonsen


This book provides a very comprehensive analysis of relevant and current debates around diversity management which acknowledge the increasingly international nature of the workplace. The theoretical underpinnings as well as the high level engagement with practice through a diversity management toolkit make this an indispensable read for UG and PG students as well as academics in the diversity management arena. – Nicolina Kamenou-Aigbekaen, School of Management and Languages, Heriot-Watt University, UK
A superbly detailed exploration of Global Diversity Management which will be of use to advanced undergraduates and postgraduates, in particular those studying for an MBA. Grounded in empirical research this book will also be of use to scholars and practitioners alike. – Jo Grady, School of Management, University of Leicester, UK
Presenting an up-to-date comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of diversity management, combined with a multi-level framework, this book will be of great value for researchers, students and managers. By contextualising diversity management geographically and temporally it throws light on the drivers of global diversity management, its impact on multiple stakeholders and their impact on its practice enabling new ways of thinking and learning about diversity management from a global perspective. – Lucy Taksa, Macquarie University, Australia
Global Diversity Management is unique in two ways. First, the authors challenge the reader, whether researcher, practitioner or student to move from the often simplistic view of diversity as a plethora of isolated programs for groups, to a much more realistic concept of diversity as a series of dynamic intersections of race, gender, time, experience and context. Second, it does what it says and demonstrates that there is an evidence-based case for diversity which if adopted has the capacity to practically change minds, improve organisations and most importantly achieve fairer outcomes for employees. – Jacquie Hutchinson, University of Western Australia, Australia.
This book pays explicit attention to the power processes and politics tied to the sensitive issue that diversity is in many organizations. It is ambitious in its multilevel approach and strong empirical grounding. It makes an excellent read for students, researchers and practitioners alike who want a better understanding of today’s workplace. – Yvonne Benschop, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands.