Theories of Nationalism

A Critical Introduction

by Umut Ozkirimli


[A] comprehensive, balanced and critical overview of current debates on nationalism...This is at once an informed survey of a field of literature and, in its own right, an intervention in the subject...It is one of the, several, contributions of this impressive book that it enables us, by comprehending the range of theories of nationalism, to see these debates in a wider intellectual and historical context. -Professor Fred Halliday, London School of Economics and Political Science (endorsement of first edition)
[A] very good comparative and critical overview...highly recommended for anyone interested in the study of ethnicity and nationalism. -Dibyesh Anand, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics (endorsement of first edition)
'Comprehensive and essential text for undergraduates and those new to the field who may otherwise be turned away by the immense task of understanding the existing literature. -Christine Mason, Nations and Nationalism (endorsement of first edition)
Invaluable...a must for any introductory reading list on nationalism. -Mike Hawkins, Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans (endorsement of first edition)
Clearly written and full of balanced judgements, Umut Ozkirimli's book summarises and evaluates the main theories of nationalism very skilfully, as well as adding his own original comments. -Professor Michael Billig, University of Loughborough (endorsement of first edition)