Palgrave Career Skills

Advice for Students and Graduates on Careers Options, Jobs, Volunteering, Applications, Interviews and Self-employment

by Eileen Cunningham, Kathleen Houston, Marielle Kelly, Steve Rook and Bruce Woodcock

How to Succeed at Assessment Centres

About this book

Assessment centres are a key feature of the recruitment process for graduate schemes, requiring you to demonstrate a wide range of skills and competencies. This rigorous and often testing process can include group exercises, written tests, research activities and interviews. To be successful you need to prepare thoroughly.

This book guides you through each step of the process, with advice on:

  • getting selected
  • preparing for psychometric tests
  • demonstrating teamwork and leadership in group exercises
  • delivering dynamic presentations
  • answering interview questions.

Featuring practical exercises and advice from both employers and graduates, it will help you know what to expect and improve your performance at assessment centres.

Worksheets/Exercises for Students

For Educators