Palgrave Career Skills

Advice for Students and Graduates on Careers Options, Jobs, Volunteering, Applications, Interviews and Self-employment

by Eileen Cunningham, Kathleen Houston, Marielle Kelly, Steve Rook and Bruce Woodcock

Social Media for your Student and Graduate Job Search

About this book

With over half of employers screening potential candidates through social media and 94% using it to locate new employees, social media is an increasingly important aspect of job hunting and recruitment. Correctly used, it will help you to create an excellent impression on employers and stand out from other candidates.

Marielle Kelly takes you through the major social networking sites from LinkedIn and Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram, and provides jargon-free advice on how to effectively use these sites for career research and networking. Illustrated with practical exercises and sample profiles throughout, this book will teach you how to:

  • manage your online presence
  • identify and communicate your brand
  • research career options, vacancies and companies
  • connect effectively with employers

Worksheets/Exercises for Students

For Educators