Marketing Strategy

by Robert W. Palmatier and Shrihari Sridhar

Marketing strategy is the pursuit of solutions to four fundamental marketing problems: 1) all customers differ, 2) all customers change, 3) all competitors react, and 4) all resources are limited.

Structured around these four First Principles of Marketing Strategy, this important new textbook offers a unique and extensively classroom-tested approach to marketing strategy. It provides a structured framework to develop effective strategies to deal with diverse marketing problems while integrating data-analytics into the decision making process.

Key benefits include:

Provides over 250 diverse marketing examples from 25 countries and most industry segments, showing how various processes, tools, and frameworks apply to many different businesses, countries, and situations.

Integrates state-of-the-art data analytic techniques into all aspects of the strategic planning process to allow managers to make more effective data-based decisions.

Integrates easily with data analysis (e.g., MEXL, SPSS, SAS) and market simulation (e.g., Markstrat) software, to provide hands-on access to marketing strategy through experiential learning tools.

This textbook is the ideal companion for undergraduate, MBA and Executive MBA students of marketing, and practicing executives who seek to bring a more systematic approach to their firms` marketing strategy efforts.