Finance and Financial Markets

Third Edition

by Keith Pilbeam

Endorsements and Praise for Finance and Financial Markets, 3rd edition

This comprehensive, student-friendly text … provides a terrific introduction for students on economics, finance and business programs. -John Goddard, Professor of Financial Economics, Bangor University, UK
A comprehensive textbook that will skilfully guide students through the essential building blocks of modern finance. Beginners’ appetite for numerical examples and graphical demonstrations will certainly find satisfaction here. Given its well proportioned balance between intuitive thinking and analytical rigour, this book will also prove to be a precious reference book for more advanced students. -Gabriele M. Lepori, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
An excellent intermediate-to-postgraduate-level text that explores the differences across the main financial centres of the world, utilising innovative examples and real-world tables and figures, helping to bring alive many difficult financial theories to the non-mathematical financial specialist. His approach offers a readable way to understand the complexities behind the current financial crisis in explaining different financial instruments and the time-line of the world-wide credit crunch. Richard Simper, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Loughborough University, UK
This book provides financial services students with a concise and easily understandable review of financial institutions and markets, and its updates in the light of the Credit Crunch help to create awareness in students of the potential impact of financial innovation.Claire McCann, Lecturer in Finance, University of Ulster, UK
This book provides an excellent introduction to the role and operation of financial markets, instruments and institutions. It is written in a clear and accessible style, with plenty of illustrative diagrams and worked examples. Given its comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the subject area, I have no hesitation in recommending this book. Jackie Harvey, Professor of Financial Management, Risk and Performance, Department of Accounting and Financial Management, Newcastle Business School, UK