The Graduate Career Guidebook

2nd Edition

by Steve Rook

Chapter 1: Graduate employment and recruitment

The changing careers landscape

The world is changing at a furious pace, especially in the area of employment and recruitment. For example:

· Jobs are becoming less secure.

· Wages for low-skilled (entry-level) jobs have remained stunted over an unprecedented period.

· Internships tend to provide very low wages (or none at all) and are often based in the most expensive area of the country (London and the South East).

· Employers are providing fewer guaranteed hours (and zero-hours contracts) but you still have to clock on at the drop of a hat.

· An increasing number of people are technically classed as working for themselves within the ‘gig’ economy, but many of them are just working for unscrupulous employers who have abdicated their responsibilities to deliver decent pay and conditions.

You can mitigate these uncertainties through creativity, resourcefulness and resilience.

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