The Graduate Career Guidebook

2nd Edition

by Steve Rook

Chapter 4: Identifying your options

Strategies for identifying career options

There is no single soothsayer who can tell you what to do in life. It’s more like a treasure hunt where you pick up ideas along the way. Use some of the strategies outlined below, and on pages 37-40 of The Graduate Career Guidebook, to come up with two or three ideas and complete the activity below.

  1. Brainstorm: just find a quiet place, sit down and see what comes to mind.
  2. Find your careers service: Pop into your university’s careers service and ask for help/attend events/meet professional in the field.
  3. Take a look around: Keep your eyes open for new ideas. You could also get involved in new activities or just watch TV or YouTube and see what jobs come to mind.
  4. Look at some postgraduate futures: Research postgrad courses and see what interesting careers they can herald.
  5. Let the internet search for you: See what comes up when you Google terms such as ‘alternative careers’ or ‘exciting jobs’.

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